In collections we are:
"The People People Pay"

Most businesses have delinquent accounts that affect the bottom line. Attempting recovery of your past due receivables robs you of valuable time that could be spent acquiring new and more profitable business.

Porcupine Credit Corporation (2001) Ltd., which owns the Credit Bureaus in Timmins and Sudbury, has been the most effective combined collection and reporting business in Northern Ontario since 1932.

Our business is collecting delinquent accounts for people just like you, and our no-collect-no-commission method ensures the highest level of success.

The Collection software that we use was developed by our sister company, Porcupine Computers, and is in use in over 40 offices across Canada. This is a very efficient and accurate system to handle your delinquent accounts.

Credit counselling is handled by our well-trained staff. We can distinguish between debtors who need legal action as a motivator (no commission is charged on disbursed court costs) and debtors who need counselling or budgeting advice. We have the skills and tools at our disposal to recover your bad debts.

List early for best results. Below is a scale from a survey by the National Retail Credit's Research Department as to how accounts deteriorate in value according to age.

  • Accounts 90 days old are worth $0.90 on the dollar.
  • Accounts 6 months old are worth . $0.67 " "
  • Accounts 1 year old are worth .. $0.45 " "
  • Accounts 2 years old are worth . $0.23 " "

And so on . So why let them deteriorate beyond three to six months?

Accounts Receivable Management (A.R.M.) and Pre-collection systems help you recover delinquent accounts, at little or no commission. This gives your customer one more chance before immediate collection action is taken.

Our Consumer Information Bulletin, produced about 9 times a year, is available to any business at a low yearly subscription rate. This bulletin contains Bankruptcies, Consumer Proposals, Notices to Creditor, and Non Responsibility Notices for your Geographic area.

Our P.P.S.A. services allow you to register and/or search personal property with the government database. This can be done by fax or specially-designed computer software.

Please contact one of our representatives today to discuss how we can help you turn your bad debts into cash!

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